STYLE STICK by MARCY MCKENNA | Temporary Fashion Adhesive



STYLE STICK by MARCY MCKENNA | The double stick fashion tape alternative that's like having your own personal tailor with you at all times. The fastest, easiest way to temporarily hem pants, fix a missing button, conceal bra straps, change a neckline on a blouse, keep collars in place and more. The goof-proof application glides on like lipstick, dries clear and comes out in the wash or at the dry cleaner. Just apply, hold for 30 seconds and let it set for one to two minutes. Hypoallergenic and safe on all fabrics.



  • Temporarily hem pants or skirts
  • Keep unruly collars and cuffs in place
  • Fix a missing button
  • Conceal bra straps
  • Keep  jacket or suit pockets from flipping up
  • Secure gapping necklines
  • Fix fallen pant or skirt hems
  • Change a skirt or pant length to go from day to night
  • Adjust pants to heel height
  • Add temporary embellishments
  • Quilting, crafting and/or sewing


    • Sold in a two pack
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Safe on all fabrics
    • Comes out in the wash or at the dry cleaners
    • Water soluble, non-toxic, acid free