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6 Critical Elements for
Invention Success.

Less than 5% of products ever make any money for the inventor. Discover the six key differentiators that Marcy believes set those inventors apart from the other 95%.

The Power of a
Product Video in 2021.

Why you need one--well before your product launches. How to create one. And how to leverage a single video across multiple platforms for maximum ROI.

Product Validation.

Why it's the most critical step toward product success. What's involved and what tools are available to help. How to leverage the outcome to your advantage -- whether you choose to license your idea or bring it to market yourself.

Goal Setting for Product Success.

My personal strategy for setting and achieving goals. How I used my goal setting strategy to create and commercialize over 30 products via big box retail, home shopping and e-commerce.

Social Media Marketing

When, where and how to get started. And is it really worth the time and effort?

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For the past 7 years, Marcy has presented for Inventor & Entrepreneurial events across the country including membership clubs, conferences, tradeshows and private events. Some topic ideas from her signature presentations are outlined below. You can also consult with Marcy to customize a presentation specifically for your group or event.


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