My Very First Blog...12 Years Ago!

Female Inventor and Entrepreneur, Marcy McKenna at age 40 after becoming the winning inventor on the Kelly Ripa reality show,


Keep in mind this was written almost 12 years ago!

I turned 40 two years ago – when I woke on my 40th birthday I made a decision to live my life fearlessly for one year to see what would happen. I took risks I wouldn’t have normally taken, and I committed to doing at least one thing every day to follow my dream and to move my product forward. That commitment included waking up one hour earlier at 5am every day. 365 days later, to the day, I have not wavered from that commitment – each day I made one phone call I didn’t want to make, or I scheduled one meeting, or entered one product search – the point is that on my 41st birthday, I could not believe all that had happened in my life in just one short year. Not only did I win Homemade Millionaire, but I was in the midst of launching two products on HSN with several more in development. I truly believe it is all because of that commitment I made to myself 365 days earlier.

Over that year, I auditioned for other inventor shows and entered nationwide product searches. I received lots of “no’s”, but with each one, instead of being discouraged as I might normally have done, I reminded myself of my commitment and forged ahead. I do believe in the saying, “when one door closes, another opens.”

Today I’m so thankful for those doors that closed, because the Homemade Millionaire one might never have opened. Something that seemed so overwhelming and insurmountable just one year earlier became achievable because I made a commitment to putting one foot in front of the other each and every day. If you have a dream that seems too big to achieve, make that commitment…you just might be surprised by what happens.

As for me, I was so energized by the progress I made in one year, that living my life fearlessly has now become a way of life.  My daily mantra is “Feel the fear…and do it anyway!”

I thought you might get a kick out of seeing a clip from the Kelly Ripa Invention reality show, "Homemade Millionaire," that kickstarted my career in inventing almost 12 years ago.  If you're interesting in seeing the rest, parts 2 - 4 can be seen on my YouTube channel HERE.



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